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It’s almost here! July 1, 2011

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The Fourth of July is almost here! Are we all ready for the fireworks and festivities to ensue? My family and I sure am! My friend Julie (The Happy Home fairy, http://happyhomefairy.com) has some awesome July 4th party and decorating ideas! We’ll even be doing variations of her ideas at my house. We always have a moderately sized cookout pool party on the Independence Day, and we have a BIG pool! It’s 40 feet long and 8 feet deep in the deep end, and our friends LOVE to jump in! Well, One of Julie’s ideas, which you’ll find in my post from Wednesday, she uses conversation starter cards to break the ice. We’re doing a variation on one of those cards! As people jump into the pool (any age, doesn’t matter!) they have to do their best impression of a firework! Complete with sounds and flailing limbs! It should be a day to remember, as we’ll be with family and friends celebrating the freedom of our great nation!


4th of July Head Gear

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The Happy Home Fairy is at it again!

4th of July Head Gear.


What an amazing night! June 30, 2011

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Last night I went to the U2 concert with my boyfriend, his best friend, and his father. It was truly an amazing show. I had never seen anything like it! The lights, the music, the roar of the crowd…it was astounding. I’ve never seen Sun-Life Stadium so crowded in my life! Maybe it would be if the Marlins started winning a few games…

I was excited before U2 even took the stage because Florence and the Machine, a band I LOVE, was the opening act! It was surely a night to remember, and I thank God that I was able to go. I also thank Him for blessing the band and audience with a night free of rain. I praise Him because a strong Christian man like Bono can change the hearts of so many through the gifts that God gave him. Whether his non-believing fans think so or not, Bono is a ministry to millions of people in the world, and he doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the walk.


4th of July Conversation Starter and Joke Cards – FREE Printables! June 29, 2011

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A great friend of mine had this on her blog and it’s so cute! Everything on her site is fun and cute and easy! Check out my good friend Julie and her Happy Home!

4th of July Conversation Starter and Joke Cards - FREE Printables

4th of July Conversation Starter and Joke Cards – FREE Printables!.


Super Cute, Super Easy, Super Cheap! June 28, 2011

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I stumbled upon this nifty craft and I just love it! It’s way too easy for how pretty the effect is! Enjoy, and comment with your own variations!


Hello world! June 27, 2011

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My name is Amanda Louise (hence LouLou) Hart and I’m blogging now! The purpose of this blog is to share cute and fun ideas that I see or have seen, as well as to advertise the various skills/talents I have that I would like to begin selling. Among these are nail art, voice lessons, beginner guitar lessons, pet-sitting/house-sitting, babysitting, etc. I’m going to do my best to keep this blog well updated and hopefully this isn’t just a phase, and I actually go somewhere with this! Wish me luck!!