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Hair Extensions July 12, 2011

Hey friends! I wanted to use this blog to help me advertise the various services I provide. One of these services is microlink hair extension. It requires NO heat or glue, and is very quick and inexpensive. I only use 100% real human hair, which means you can wash it, dry it, curl it, straighten it, dye it, brush it, whatever! As of now I only have Purple, Blue, and Hot Pink extensions, but I will be getting more colors in accordance with demand. I live in Plantation, Florida and I apply these from home. Now let me tell you how it works!

First I take a small strand of your own hair in a lower layer of hair (to hide the contact) and thread it, using a threading tool, through the microlink bead. A microlink bead is a tiny metal ring which is used to attach the extension (I use aluminum). Once the hair is threaded through, I put the tip of the extension into the microlink bead with the strand of your hair. I use I-tipped extensions, which have a bit of cold wax around about 3/4 of an inch of the top of the extension. It looks like the tip of a shoelace! After both the hair and the extension are threaded, I squish the microlink bead with a small pair of pliers, clamping the extension to the strand of hair. I then cut off the excess wax at the top of the extension and cut the bottom of the extension to match the length of your hair.

I charge $10 per extension right now (the cheapest I’ve found in the salon is $15), and, maintenance is free for now. That means that as your hair grows out, and the microlink moves with your growing hair, you can come to me and I will take it out and reapply it closer to the root. If you bring me your own extension And I’m only doing the installation it’s $3 (I can’t guarantee anything if that’s the case, but you can bring me just about anything if you want it in your hair. Like ribbons, feathers, etc.) Hopefully soon I’ll be ordering some feather extensions as well, but for now, tell your friends!!!

P.S. I’ll post some pictures soon! I have purple extensions in my hair! I also have feathers but I got those done at the salon because I haven’t found out where to buy them in bulk yet.


2 Responses to “Hair Extensions”

  1. m Says:

    try etsy for bulk feather extensions!

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