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A Sad Day in the 21st Century July 6, 2011

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Well folks, I left my cell phone at home today. But it’s far more than a cell phone you see. Since I have a smartphone (I’m a droidhead) my entire LIFE is in that phone. All of my various forms of communication feed through that device. I am constantly reachable via text, email, facebook, twitter… no matter where I am. I am constantly entertained by the various apps and games that I’ve downloaded. I can always take a photo because I always have a 5MP camera in my pocket. I always know where I’m going because I have turn-by-turn GPS powered by Google Maps, including walking directions. You know, I hear my Droid 2 can even make phone calls…How would I know? I only used 90 minutes last month. 90! I talked on my cell phone for less than 100 minutes. I used over 4,800 text messages and around 2GB of data. And right now, I’m completely lost without it. If I didn’t have a computer at my desk I might just call in sick…It’s the only thing keeping me sane!

I guess all that’s left to do now is to be…productive. Huh. Novel concept. I think I read about that on my phone…


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